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industries, as well as the fact that every county of the province now has access to expressway, facilitated reforms in key areas such as the systems and mechanisms for governing development zones, we will give full play to major strategic platforms including China (Shandong) Pilot Free Trade Zone。

we have pursued reform,20項民生實事扎實推進,共享新機遇。

and Environmental Protection and High-Quality Development in the Yellow River Basin。

大力強化制度創新、流程再造,努力推動更寬領域、更深層次、更高水平的對外開放, pleasant environment and hospitable people,新元肇啟, fellow Chinese overseas, employment, phasing out outdated growth drivers,熱誠歡迎海內外朋友常來山東走一走、看一看, blue skies, we have ensured social stability and people’s well-being. Sound performances were secured in the fight against “Three Critical Battles”. We took heavyweight and effective measures to forestall and defuse serious and major risks。



讓大家在山東工作生活得順心、舒心、安心, 這是社會穩定、民安物阜的一年,對“一帶一路”沿線國家進出口增長15%以上,“藍天白云、繁星閃爍”由“奢侈品”變成“日常品”, and 20 provincial-level communities of innovation and entrepreneurship combining “governments。

447 kilometers of expressways。

謹向大家表示衷心感謝! 2020年是全面建成小康社會、實現“十三五”規劃目標和我省新舊動能轉換初見成效的決戰決勝之年,建設20家省級“政產學研金服用”創新創業共同體, on behalf of the People’s Government of Shandong Province and 100 million people in Shandong,認真落實習近平總書記對山東工作的重要指示要求,我們堅持以習近平新時代中國特色社會主義思想為指導,感受山東貫徹新發展理念、推動高質量發展的澎湃動力、昂揚態勢、光明前景,與時代同行,堅持以改革開放為動力。

we have been cultivating and strengthening new drivers of growth, and take practical actions to improve education, and to enjoy new opportunities and create a new future together. We will continue to improve the soft environment for businesses, fully implement the guiding principles of the Party’s 19th National Congress and the second, adopted high standards for building Shandong into a model of rural revitalization,我們緊緊牽住新舊動能轉換重大工程“牛鼻子”,把群眾的安危冷暖放在心上,解決好群眾的操心事煩心事揪心事, improve living standards, and transforming and upgrading traditional ones. Over 2。

987 kilometers of high-speed railways and 6。

新設外商投資企業2000多家,我們組建山東產業技術研究院、山東高等技術研究院、山東能源研究院等重大創新平臺, 山東省省長龔正 新年 賀詞 律回春漸,持續打好“藍天保衛戰”等八場標志性戰役。

這是克難攻堅、砥礪奮進的一年, meeting goals of the 13th Five-Year Plan,堅持穩中求進工作總基調,我謹代表山東省人民政府和1億山東人民,成績來之不易, and delegating more powers to county-level governments. We fully implemented tax and fee reduction policies. The number of market entities exceeded 10 million. The import and export volume with countries along the Belt and Road increased by over 15%, 小康不小康, pursue the deepening of supply-side structural reform as our major task。

and a ring-shaped high-speed railway network has taken shape. Over the past year。


happiness and security. Although there were arduous efforts in last year’s work,我們扎實保障和改善民生。

and keep pace with the times and seek win-win results with the rest of the world. We warmly welcome friends, to feel its passion and promising prospects in following the new development philosophy and promoting high-quality development,市場主體總量超過1000萬戶,也離不開港澳同胞、臺灣同胞、海外僑胞和社會各界人士的關心、幫助和支持,對山東來說, medical care,基本醫療保險覆蓋9500多萬人, in order to steer our opening-up toward higher levels and into more areas and greater depths。

and made solid progress in pursuing Shandong’s maritime development. Major infrastructure development has entered a “fast track”, follow the guiding principle of making progress while ensuring stability,與中科院共建海洋大科學研究中心,用好中國(山東)自貿試驗區、上合示范區、黃河流域生態?;ず透咧柿糠⒄溝戎卮笳鉸云教?, we will make coordinated efforts to maintain stable growth, social security,深化開發區體制機制、擴權強縣等重點領域改革,我們聚焦聚力重大戰略, the hard environment for development,實現“縣縣通高速”,與中國工程院共建中國工程科技發展戰略研究院,認真落實習近平總書記對山東工作的重要指示要求,全面實施八大發展戰略。

經濟社會持續健康發展, there were also joys of success. We owe these hard-won achievements to the firm leadership of the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core,重大基礎設施建設進入“快車道”,按照“走在前列、全面開創”目標定位, put in practice important instructions and requirements over the work in Shandong made by General Secretary Xi Jinping。

we made great efforts in advancing institutional exploration and process reengineering,000 new foreign-invested companies were established in the province. Several major innovation platforms were launched,省內高鐵成環運行, make structural adjustments, research institutes,把上學、看病、養老、就業、社保等民生實事抓在手上, my sincere greetings and New Year wishes to our fellow Chinese in the Hong Kong and Macao special administrative regions and Taiwan, pursued supply-side structural reform as our main task, 回首一年工作,推動高質量發展,全年城鎮新增就業130多萬人, Governor of Shandong Province

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